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Tacky or Tasteful: 5 of the Most Common Beauty Mistakes

worst beauty mistakes

Updated January 2019

The worst of beauty mistakes begin with the best intentions. We set out on our beauty routines with hopes of looking glamorous, but sometimes the results do not turn out the way we wish.

Here are 5 of the most common beauty mistakes that will make sure you err on the side tasteful- not tacky.

Common Beauty Mistake #1

We all love really long hair, but there is such a thing as way too much hair. We aren’t Rapunzel trying to get a prince to climb up to our tower in the sky after all. As a general rule anything past the bra-line is a no-no. If you want to have it that longer, make sure you get it regularly trimmed to avoid split-ends and other hair-do atrocities.

Common Beauty Mistake #2

Lip liner is an area that many woman struggle with by the looks of things. Make sure if you have to have lip liner, that you avoid making it darker than your lipstick or skin tone. When in doubt, just don’t apply lip liner at all.

Common Be
auty Mistake #3

Bronzer is one of my favorite makeup tools, so I understand why ladies out there abuse it. Look, our skin is supposed to be touched by the sun not dipped into a pot of gold. Add just a tiny bit of bronzer to create a believable glow.

Common Beauty Mistake #4

Glitter, glitter everywhere! Believe it or not, there is such thing as too much glitter. If you think it perhaps is too much glitter, chances are that it is WAY too much glitter. Just add a touch of sparkle if you are going to glitter up your look.

Common Beauty Mistake #5

There are certain climates and times of year where fake or real tans are not appropriate. If you look like you just watched off the beach in December, we know that you are faking it one way or another. During the winter it is best just to go with your natural skin tone, because the fake tan look really just looks tacky.

Peaches Prevent Breast Cancer in Elder Age!


The risk of breast cancer is increasing day by day and it mainly affects the women especially more than 40 years old age ladies. The exact reason of the cancer is still not known but scientists are trying to find out the ways to solve the problem and to find a perfect solution of the problem. The latest research is being conducted on mice regarding breast cancer in elder age people.

That has revealed that by eating 2 to 3 peaches a day can help the people to prevent the breast cancer. The extracts in the peaches play a vital role in constraining the effects of cancerous cells and prevent them to spread to other parts of the body.

That research has also revealed that the peaches contain the phenol compounds that play a vital role in cancer prevention. The Polyphemus that are present in peaches are responsible in changing the expression of those genes which are cause of cancerous cells. They targeted the cancerous cells and prevent them from spreading to other parts of the body.

Different treatments are used to control the cancerous cells. Like the most important is chemotherapy and the use of the radiations. But the most important natural remedy is the use of the peaches.

These peach extracts containing Polyphemus are the best source to control the breast cancer. The experiment was performed on mice by placing the cancerous cells under their skin.

The mice were then given the peach extracts contain the Polyphemus then it was observed that the cancerous cells were inhibiting due to these extracts. That was a wonderful experiment that revealed the importance of peaches in cancer anticipation.

The studies show that the dose for the human for cancer prevention is 2 to 3 daily. That is enough for the body to develop the phenol compounds that are involved in cancer inhibition.

That showed that by eating healthy foods such as peaches helps in preventing the cancer and also does not affect the normal cells. The risk of cancer can be controlled by taking 2 to 3 peaches daily. This study is also very important in this way that it will diminish the cases of breast cancer as it is increasing day by day. So the risk can be minimized by peaches intake.

Studies have also revealed that breast cancer cells spread to the other parts of the body and abolish them. This process is termed as metastasis, and it is very common in case of breast cancer.

The study shows that by eating peaches the metastasis risk can be minimized to a large extent. In most of the cases the metastasis is very common especially in case of breast cancer.

It spread to the other parts of the body and cause these cells to be destroyed with cancer. Every year about 1 lac and 80 thousand cases of breast cancer are reported. Scientists are satisfied that this research will help the people to avoid the cancer in a better way, if they consume peaches daily.

Weight Loss Tip: 5 Foods You Need to Stop Eating


There are certain foods out there are just terrible for the waistline, that is even before considering the damage these foods do to your general health and well-being. If you follow our weight loss tip to avoid all 5 of these foods you are bound to drop a little weight!

1. Sugar! 

Cutting sugar out of the diet is a really big one when it comes to weight loss, so that is why we put it at the top of the list. The WHO (World Health Organization) just released a report saying that the average American should consume at least half of the amount of sugar! We love our sugary treats and drinks, but it is just bad for our overall health.

Unfortunately, sugar acts a lot like a drug, whenever we stop eating it we want more. A lot of people just opt to cut out as much sugar as possible in their diet as humanly possible, but admittedly this is very difficult. Instead of going to extremes you can just choose to skip dessert, candies or any other sweet indulgence that you may have on a regular basis.

2. Diet Foods 

There is no such thing as “diet food” that is good for you. The “low-fat” options just load up with chemicals, salts and unhealthy fillers that actually taste okay, but they aren’t something you want to eat a lot of. Plus, I don’t know about you, but when I hear “low-fat” or “diet” in front of a food, I’m tempted to go to town and eat twice as much as I usually do.

3.  Unhealthy Snacks

Snacking is actually really good for you as long as the snacks are something healthy likes fruits, veggies or nuts.  However, the unhealthy snacks you get in the center aisle of grocery stores like potato chips, cookies, pop corn and ice cream can really contribute to weight gain.

It also can be tempting to just skip cooking or eating healthier foods when you have these easy-to-make snacks around all of the time, so a pro weight lost tip is if at all possible, don’t keep junk food around the house

4. Creamy and Sugary Coffee Drinks

It’s coffee, how unhealthy can it be, right?! Well, black coffee does in fact have little or no calories, but when you add even just a little half and half and sugar you are adding hundreds of calories to your cup.

That is before even thinking about really sugary lattes, iced drinks and all that garbage. Just try to stick to plain coffee if you can or add as little of added stuff as possible to make the coffee drinkable for your tastes.

5. Mystery Smoothies 

Getting a smoothie out can be a bit of a gamble. I’ve been to small businesses that claimed to have all organic, fresh and natural ingredients then they would pour some mystery syrup into the smoothie. For businesses who are making smoothies, it is infinitely cheaper to use sugars, syrups, creams and milks to make smoothies tastes good rather than healthier veggies and fruits.

Most of the time I recommend just making smoothies at home to ensure you don’t end up having a bunch of extra random calories and ingredients in your diet.

Conclusion on this Weight Loss Tip

If you regularly eat one or all five of these foods, then it could be extremely difficult to revamp your entire diet to exclude all of these things. Instead of trying to change everything at once just make small changes at a time. Once you get to one change then you try another when you are ready.

Frequently, people give up on their weight loss goals just due to the fact they try to fix everything at once, but it is better to create a plan that you can stick to in the long run. 

Get Thick Eyebrows


As years pass by and we continue to age, our eyebrows naturally deteriorate. In addition, those who have the habit of constantly plucking their eyebrows and making use of eyebrow pencils might discover that, after awhile, their eyebrows no longer grow back.

To make matters worse, over time they may even become brittle and quite unattractive. Luckily, there are are a number of options available to help you either get thick eyebrows, restore your natural eyebrows, or even grow thick eyebrows in case they are starting to diminish in appearance.

One alternative is to invest in eyebrow extensions, but keep in mind that because of the strong adhesive required for this procedure, they are quite difficult to apply and remove so only a licensed professional should treat you for this procedure.
An eyebrow pencil can be used to either thicken the appearance of your natural eyebrows or to highlight them. There are also over the counter regrowth products that can help facilitate the eyebrows shapes that you want.

In addition to helping you grow thick eyebrows, they can also help strengthen the hair follicles within the eyelash and eyebrow area. You will definitely get thick eyebrows and the ideal eyebrows shapes that you can easily groom and trim down.

Keep in mind that can still use an eyebrow pencil while using an eyebrow growing product. Once your eyebrows begin to grow back, an eyebrow pencil can be used to shape your eyebrows in combination with a trimmer to finish the job.

Bottom line, the over the counter eyebrow growth products are proven to work and are generally safe to use. Given the wide selection of similar products to choose from in the market today, it is still recommended to choose products that are established and well known.

India’s Obsession with Lighter Skin


Is Vaseline taking advantage of India’s Light Skin Complex?

Indian Facebook users are being prompted to to see what they would look like with whiter skin, as part of a marketing campaign by Vaseline.

The skin care company has developed new software to try and encourage people to buy its skin-whitening cream.  People that use Facebook can download an application, which will adjust their photographs.

The skin-whitening industry in India is growing rapidly, and is a billion dollar industry.  Most products are aimed at women, but more and more men are being targeted.

A representative from Omnicom, the advertising firm behind the skin lightning campaign, said that the response to the “Vaseline Men” cream “has been pretty phenomenal”.

With the Indian economy on the up, it looks as if things will only get better for the cream makers.  But there have been many questions from some medical experts about the effect of these creams on the skin.

Experts say that demand has risen due to the the tendency to discriminate against someones skin colour, a practice that is still widespread across rural India.  

In 2009, a poll by an online dating site in India, revealed that skin tone was considered the most important aspect when choosing a potential partner in three northern Indian states.

Simon Cowell Fancied Cheryl Cole?


So apparently Simon Cowell had a thing for Cheryl Cole on the set of X Factor, but Cheryl had no idea.  Maybe there is a gentle soul underneath that tough guy exterior Simon likes to display on set.  They were fellow judges, but was there an undercurrent of romance as well?

When asked about it, Cheryl replied ’I have spoken to him since and he’s just laughing. He called me a toy to my face. If you read it the way people read it, it sounds awful. It was only ever used as a term of endearment to us, joking like.

‘When we got the first new X Factor set he called and said “I’ve got a new toy. It’s like a train set”. He’s just a big kid’.

Now of course the media took the whole “toy” reference and ran with it, completely taking it out of context.  I may not be the biggest Cowell fan, but it was obviously used as a term of endearment in this case.

5 Activities That Will Age Your Skin


Time inevitable ages your skin, but you might as well take whatever steps you can avoid it at all costs. Often we do abuses to our skins without even knowing it. Here are 5 ways that age your skin dramatically.

1. Drinking

Drinking makes us feel good, but as most of us know it isn’t the best thing for any aspect of our health- that includes our skin. Alcohol not only dehydrates the skin, but alcohol  also a toxin that enters the cells. Additional toxins really make our skin less glowing and youthful.

Consider doing a full body detox to get ride of the effects after a heavy night of drinking, but as a general rule try to avoid alcohol on any regular basis.

2. Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking is bad for just about everything including your skin. When people smoke they hamper the blood supply that reaches the skin tissue, so the skin starts to look dull and lose natural oils.

3. Swimming in a Pool

Chlorine damages your hair and skin without prejudice which is not something most of us want from a workout. Chlorine strips the skin of natural oils causing it dry and crack.

In the short-term this will have minimal damage, but if you are a regular swimmer it is important to have a regular showering and moisturizing routine after every time you visit the pool.

4. Beauty Products with Alcohol

The irony of using alcohol for beauty products does not escape most people, but the truth is these alcohol-filled products are terrible for the skin. When alcohol is applied directly to the skin it basically causes skin cells to self destruct which will age your skin.

5. Makeup

Makeup is bad for the skin in so many ways that it is imperative to avoid wearing it whenever possible. Even when makeups are not filled with toxic chemicals, which most are, the process of rubbing the skin with makeup will age your skin. Go all natural whenever you can, because you look prettier without the makeup anyways.

Cheryl Cole’s Weight Loss Goal

cheryl cole

She’s the nations sweetheart and has ditched her cheating husband. She has a body that most red blooded males want to hold and that most females want to have.

Shes Cheryl Cole and despite her being adored by millions, her diet has been criticised by health experts as the unhealthiest diet of the year.

The 5’3″ 110 pound, 28 year old X Factor judge is rumored to undertake the Blood Group diet.  This diet is when the dieters choose food according to their blood type.

Many top Dietitians have issued warning that these type of diets could lead to health problems due to the fact that dieters are advised to eliminate food groups such as red meat or dairy in their entirety.

Hollywood favourite: The Maple Syrup diet was also criticised by The British Dietetic Association.  The Maple Syrup diet is said to be popular with celebrities such as Beyonce and Naomi Campbell.

Cheryl Cole is allegedly trying to lose more weight before she launches her career in the USA.  But with here killer body, long eyelashes, and perfect eyebrows, she shouldn’t have to work too hard.  The Geordie temptress is moving to LA to be a judge on the US X Factor but some of her friends say she wants to lose about 8 or 9lbs to look her best.

Warning Over Celebrity Diets


An extreme diet that has come under fire recently as many top celebrities are seeming to be endorsing it.  The Lemon Detox Diet, is the regime in question and has been promoted by celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles.

The diet is basically drinking a lemon-juice-and refraining from consuming any type of food for up to 10 days.

beyonce knowles weight loss 300x300 Warning over Celebrity Diets

The diet is close to starvation, and can be dangerous unless you are supervised by specialists. Of course, you will lose weight if you don’t eat anything. But this effect won’t last very long. As soon as the diet ends, the weight will return if you go back to eating normally.

The reason this happens is that your body enters “starvation mode” and shuts down some of its functions and, as a result, you can feel fatigued, and can’t work or concentrate properly. When you start eating normally again, the body will make energy reserves by storing fat, in case it experiences starvation again.

If you do undergo this diet it is important not to recommence normal eating habits straight after as this can cause serious damage to the body. It is best to consume fruit juices and lighter foods. Dieting and detox is dangerous, so it’s important to consult your physician before undertaking any diet or exercise program.  This will also provide an opportunity to consult your doctor about alternative diet plans which may be more beneficial for your weight loss goals.

Fasting can be dangerous for the inexperienced or naive, so it’s important to do your research and only fast in accordance with your doctor’s guidelines for your own safety and well being.

Weight loss is a serious issue and many authorities are warning people not to be lured into these fad diets.  Even though the results may be genuine, the risk to a persons health can be serious.  The diet is currently sold at pharmacies, health shops and online.

Hair Loss Cure 5 Years Away


Are you losing your hair?  Going a bit thin on top?  We’ll fear not; scientists at the Berlin Technical University in Germany, say they are very near to creating a cure for baldness using stem cells.

hair loss cure 300x199 Hair Loss Cure 5 Years Away

Scientists, have used these stem cells to create the world’s first artificial hair follicles and the team from Berlin feel they will have a cure for baldness within about five years

The new hair follicles were created from animal cells but the German scientists said it will be no problem growing human hairs within 12 months

Research leader Dr Roland Lauster told a Germany newspaper that preparations for clinical trials were ‘already in motion.’

When manipulated, stem cells, can be grown into any tissue and even whole organs.  But although stem cell research is seen as exciting by many leading scientists, overall research has been slow.

One thing is for sure, if these scientists can offer a genuine cure for baldness, they will become very rich men.  The hair loss industry is worth millions per year as it is and the current treatments for hair loss are not perfected and have their disadvantages.

Current treatments for baldness include hair transplants.  A hair transplant is when hair follicles from the side of the head are transplanted to the top of the head to cover the bald spots.  Drugs Propecia and Avodart have been shown to regrow hair in some 80% of patients.  Other remedies include Rogaine.