5 Activities That Will Age Your Skin


Time inevitable ages your skin, but you might as well take whatever steps you can avoid it at all costs. Often we do abuses to our skins without even knowing it. Here are 5 ways that age your skin dramatically.

1. Drinking

Drinking makes us feel good, but as most of us know it isn’t the best thing for any aspect of our health- that includes our skin. Alcohol not only dehydrates the skin, but alcohol  also a toxin that enters the cells. Additional toxins really make our skin less glowing and youthful.

Consider doing a full body detox to get ride of the effects after a heavy night of drinking, but as a general rule try to avoid alcohol on any regular basis.

2. Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking is bad for just about everything including your skin. When people smoke they hamper the blood supply that reaches the skin tissue, so the skin starts to look dull and lose natural oils.

3. Swimming in a Pool

Chlorine damages your hair and skin without prejudice which is not something most of us want from a workout. Chlorine strips the skin of natural oils causing it dry and crack.

In the short-term this will have minimal damage, but if you are a regular swimmer it is important to have a regular showering and moisturizing routine after every time you visit the pool.

4. Beauty Products with Alcohol

The irony of using alcohol for beauty products does not escape most people, but the truth is these alcohol-filled products are terrible for the skin. When alcohol is applied directly to the skin it basically causes skin cells to self destruct which will age your skin.

5. Makeup

Makeup is bad for the skin in so many ways that it is imperative to avoid wearing it whenever possible. Even when makeups are not filled with toxic chemicals, which most are, the process of rubbing the skin with makeup will age your skin. Go all natural whenever you can, because you look prettier without the makeup anyways.


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