Celebrities Going Natural: A New Trend?

Ok, serious question ladies, how many of you can go make-up free for an entire day? Ok, how about a week? a month? My guess is not that many:) What ever happened to natural beauty? Why is it that going make-up free, wearing your hair natural, or not rocking the latest stilettos du-jour is considered a trend,or the exception to the rule and raises eyebrows?

As a matter of fact, there is an entire industry that is currently thriving around the whole notion of organic makeup products designed to give you that “natural look.” Seems a bit ironic.

The past 48 hours have seen the likes of Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and Viola Davis all “going natural,” and I, for one, applaud their efforts. After witnessing countless barely-teenage girls fret over the lastest beauty trends adorned by their favorite celebrities, it’s nice to see these same role models set an example displaying their natural beauty.

Now don’t worry, this isn’t a piece discussing the political and social ramifications of going natural, or about black women’s hair.viola davis 2 295x390 Celebrities Going Natural: A New Trend? Besides, Allison Samuels at the Daily beast does a far better job on the topic, and does it more justice than I ever could.

Rather, it’s an observation that it seems that more and more women, regardless of age, view make-up, wigs, and other accessories as a security blanket rather than to augment their natural beauty. So my challenge is this: go make up free for one day. Why? Im glad you asked

  1. Saves time: Imagine having 15-45 minutes extra time each day that you spend doing your hair and makeup
  2. Saves money: fewer trips to the salon=more money for mimos at brunch
  3. Self confidence: Most importantly, you can get back to appreciating and embracing all of your flaws, rather than trying to mask them.

So give it a shot? What have you got to lose? Free yourselves from the shackles of your beauty kit! Besides, if someone can’t appreciate you for your natural beauty, it’s probably because they are insecure in their own flaws, and you’re probably better off without them.

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  1. Celebrities Going Natural A New Trend? | A Few Goody Gumdrops says:

    [...] because they are insecure in their own flaws, and you’re probably better off without them. Click this link to view the entire article. A Few Goody Gumdrops wishes to thank One Face Ina Million for their [...]

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