Cheryl Cole’s Weight Loss Goal

cheryl cole

She’s the nations sweetheart and has ditched her cheating husband. She has a body that most red blooded males want to hold and that most females want to have.

Shes Cheryl Cole and despite her being adored by millions, her diet has been criticised by health experts as the unhealthiest diet of the year.

The 5’3″ 110 pound, 28 year old X Factor judge is rumored to undertake the Blood Group diet.  This diet is when the dieters choose food according to their blood type.

Many top Dietitians have issued warning that these type of diets could lead to health problems due to the fact that dieters are advised to eliminate food groups such as red meat or dairy in their entirety.

Hollywood favourite: The Maple Syrup diet was also criticised by The British Dietetic Association.  The Maple Syrup diet is said to be popular with celebrities such as Beyonce and Naomi Campbell.

Cheryl Cole is allegedly trying to lose more weight before she launches her career in the USA.  But with here killer body, long eyelashes, and perfect eyebrows, she shouldn’t have to work too hard.  The Geordie temptress is moving to LA to be a judge on the US X Factor but some of her friends say she wants to lose about 8 or 9lbs to look her best.


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