India’s Obsession with Lighter Skin


Is Vaseline taking advantage of India’s Light Skin Complex?

Indian Facebook users are being prompted to to see what they would look like with whiter skin, as part of a marketing campaign by Vaseline.

The skin care company has developed new software to try and encourage people to buy its skin-whitening cream.  People that use Facebook can download an application, which will adjust their photographs.

The skin-whitening industry in India is growing rapidly, and is a billion dollar industry.  Most products are aimed at women, but more and more men are being targeted.

A representative from Omnicom, the advertising firm behind the skin lightning campaign, said that the response to the “Vaseline Men” cream “has been pretty phenomenal”.

With the Indian economy on the up, it looks as if things will only get better for the cream makers.  But there have been many questions from some medical experts about the effect of these creams on the skin.

Experts say that demand has risen due to the the tendency to discriminate against someones skin colour, a practice that is still widespread across rural India.  

In 2009, a poll by an online dating site in India, revealed that skin tone was considered the most important aspect when choosing a potential partner in three northern Indian states.


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