Peaches Prevent Breast Cancer in Elder Age!


The risk of breast cancer is increasing day by day and it mainly affects the women especially more than 40 years old age ladies. The exact reason of the cancer is still not known but scientists are trying to find out the ways to solve the problem and to find a perfect solution of the problem. The latest research is being conducted on mice regarding breast cancer in elder age people.

That has revealed that by eating 2 to 3 peaches a day can help the people to prevent the breast cancer. The extracts in the peaches play a vital role in constraining the effects of cancerous cells and prevent them to spread to other parts of the body.

That research has also revealed that the peaches contain the phenol compounds that play a vital role in cancer prevention. The Polyphemus that are present in peaches are responsible in changing the expression of those genes which are cause of cancerous cells. They targeted the cancerous cells and prevent them from spreading to other parts of the body.

Different treatments are used to control the cancerous cells. Like the most important is chemotherapy and the use of the radiations. But the most important natural remedy is the use of the peaches.

These peach extracts containing Polyphemus are the best source to control the breast cancer. The experiment was performed on mice by placing the cancerous cells under their skin.

The mice were then given the peach extracts contain the Polyphemus then it was observed that the cancerous cells were inhibiting due to these extracts. That was a wonderful experiment that revealed the importance of peaches in cancer anticipation.

The studies show that the dose for the human for cancer prevention is 2 to 3 daily. That is enough for the body to develop the phenol compounds that are involved in cancer inhibition.

That showed that by eating healthy foods such as peaches helps in preventing the cancer and also does not affect the normal cells. The risk of cancer can be controlled by taking 2 to 3 peaches daily. This study is also very important in this way that it will diminish the cases of breast cancer as it is increasing day by day. So the risk can be minimized by peaches intake.

Studies have also revealed that breast cancer cells spread to the other parts of the body and abolish them. This process is termed as metastasis, and it is very common in case of breast cancer.

The study shows that by eating peaches the metastasis risk can be minimized to a large extent. In most of the cases the metastasis is very common especially in case of breast cancer.

It spread to the other parts of the body and cause these cells to be destroyed with cancer. Every year about 1 lac and 80 thousand cases of breast cancer are reported. Scientists are satisfied that this research will help the people to avoid the cancer in a better way, if they consume peaches daily.


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