Simon Cowell Fancied Cheryl Cole?


So apparently Simon Cowell had a thing for Cheryl Cole on the set of X Factor, but Cheryl had no idea.  Maybe there is a gentle soul underneath that tough guy exterior Simon likes to display on set.  They were fellow judges, but was there an undercurrent of romance as well?

When asked about it, Cheryl replied ’I have spoken to him since and he’s just laughing. He called me a toy to my face. If you read it the way people read it, it sounds awful. It was only ever used as a term of endearment to us, joking like.

‘When we got the first new X Factor set he called and said “I’ve got a new toy. It’s like a train set”. He’s just a big kid’.

Now of course the media took the whole “toy” reference and ran with it, completely taking it out of context.  I may not be the biggest Cowell fan, but it was obviously used as a term of endearment in this case.


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