Tacky or Tasteful: 5 of the Most Common Beauty Mistakes

worst beauty mistakes

Updated January 2019

The worst of beauty mistakes begin with the best intentions. We set out on our beauty routines with hopes of looking glamorous, but sometimes the results do not turn out the way we wish.

Here are 5 of the most common beauty mistakes that will make sure you err on the side tasteful- not tacky.

Common Beauty Mistake #1

We all love really long hair, but there is such a thing as way too much hair. We aren’t Rapunzel trying to get a prince to climb up to our tower in the sky after all. As a general rule anything past the bra-line is a no-no. If you want to have it that longer, make sure you get it regularly trimmed to avoid split-ends and other hair-do atrocities.

Common Beauty Mistake #2

Lip liner is an area that many woman struggle with by the looks of things. Make sure if you have to have lip liner, that you avoid making it darker than your lipstick or skin tone. When in doubt, just don’t apply lip liner at all.

Common Be
auty Mistake #3

Bronzer is one of my favorite makeup tools, so I understand why ladies out there abuse it. Look, our skin is supposed to be touched by the sun not dipped into a pot of gold. Add just a tiny bit of bronzer to create a believable glow.

Common Beauty Mistake #4

Glitter, glitter everywhere! Believe it or not, there is such thing as too much glitter. If you think it perhaps is too much glitter, chances are that it is WAY too much glitter. Just add a touch of sparkle if you are going to glitter up your look.

Common Beauty Mistake #5

There are certain climates and times of year where fake or real tans are not appropriate. If you look like you just watched off the beach in December, we know that you are faking it one way or another. During the winter it is best just to go with your natural skin tone, because the fake tan look really just looks tacky.


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