Think Twice Before Bleaching Your Face!

Do you want perfectly even, soft, Barbie-doll-like skin that really glows? To hide facial hairs? To make your skin appear a lighter color than it is? Then perhaps you have considered the option of bleaching your face. Before you commence on any face bleaching treatment, you should understand the process is extremely dangerous. One wrong move, you could not only ruin your skin, but you could risk the health of yourself and your loved ones. In a follow up article we will discuss how to seek out bleaching treatments and other alternative treatments that are safer, but we want to emphasize that bleaching your face is ultimately never safe.

Mercury Poising from Bleaching Your Face Can Harm You and Your Family

One chemical that is found in a lot of skin lightening creams and bleaching treatments is mercury. The danger of using these types of products cannot be overstated. When you use them it not only impacts your own health, but the health of those around you. Children and fetuses are especially vulnerable to the negative impacts of mercury exposure. There have been cases where mother’s received bleaching treatment with mercury in them, and the children were found to have mercury exposure too. Mercury exposure can lead to any of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Irritability
  • Emotional Changes (Mood Swings)
  • Headaches
  • Memory loss
  • Numbness
  • Tingling in hands, feet and lips
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

More seriously, mercury poisoning can lead to kidney damage and damage to the central nervous system. Also, exposure to mercury has been associated with cancer. Obviously changing the appearance of skin is not worth all of these health risks, so avoid any products with mercury in them. Also, any unmarked treatments sold at flea markets, local markets or outside of an official pharmacy should not be used, because there is no way to know the contents of these products.

Bleach Can Cause an Allergic Reaction

cleach reaction Think Twice Before Bleaching Your Face!Sensitive skin or vulnerable skin can easily have allergic reaction to bleaching. There is not certain skin type that is immune from the risk of an allergic reaction, so know with any bleaching treatment there is a risk of an allergic reaction no matter what type of skin you have. Allergic reactions can just lead to mild symptoms like itching and burning of the skin. The stronger the allergic reaction, the stronger the burning and itching sensation will be. At the worst stages, an allergic reaction can lead to crusting of skin, swollen patches and terrible pain. Countless people end up in emergency rooms every year from bleaching their skin, and their stories make headlines in newspapers at an almost constant rate. I’m sure you don’t want to become a local celebrity by becoming yet another victim of a bleaching treatment gone wrong.

It Can Permanently Damage Your Skin

The bleaching of your skin can ultimately lead to permanent damage to the skin. Scarring, darker pigmentation, skin tissue damage, thinner skin and drier skin can all result from using these treatments for a prolonged amount of time. Even using bleaching treatments one time can lead to permanent damage to your skin that cannot easily or cheaply be repaired, if it can be repaired at all. This leaves the question why would you seek out a treatment that in the long-run leaves your skin worse for wear?

Conclusion:  You Should Love You for You

Ultimately, I cannot tell you what to do or not do with your body. Chances are if you got this far in the article, you are seriously questioning why you or anyone else would try such a potentially dangerous treatment. Our appearance is such a personal thing, and it is easy to find flaw in one’s own appearance. Many elements of fashion and beauty can help us bring out a better version of ourselves, but dangerous treatments like bleaching of the skin bring out what is ultimately vanity. Other than being vain, why would one risk their health to alter their appearance? If you are considering bleaching your face, perhaps you should consider a different intangible change instead. One that embraces your appearance for what it is in reality instead of trying to change it to something it is not.  If you still want to proceed with this treatment, please read our follow-up article on safer bleach treatments and alternative treatments.

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