Types of Nose Shapes

Take a look in the mirror and then at all the people you see on a daily basis. Focus in on their noses. You’ll quickly notice how very different each and every one is. Some absolutely love their noses, but others are willing to undergo lengthy surgeries and painful recoveries to get the perfect nose. Before you go under the knife, take a look at whether your nose is really that bad and explore ways to reshape your nose without surgery.

Types of Noses

Believe it or not, studies have been done to determine the exact number of nose types that exist. While none have been conclusive, one study stated there were at least 14 different types. Most shapes are grouped into either concave or convex. Concave noses usually have a depressed or slightly scooped middle area and may have an upturned or bulb tip. Convex noses are usually very prominent as they curve outward. Often times, convex noses are referred to as hawk or aquiline. Some convex noses actually point severely downward.

nose shapes 300x176 Types of Nose ShapesEvery ethnic group is well known for their own unique nose shapes. While these are usually stereotypes, they do have some basis in reality. Wide nostrils, bumpy tips and overly large or small noses are common ethnic complaints. Many find they are perfectly happy with their own unique nose. Others are ready for a change.

Just The Tip(Nose Surgery)

Rhinoplasty is the solution for reshaping your nose. Whether by accident or a curse from birth, many look to surgery to get the nose of their dreams. However, surgery is costly, time consuming and can have negative side effects. With rhinoplasty nose tip surgery, you can fix the most characteristic part of your nose without a complete reshaping of the entire nose. The procedure costs far less and heals faster. For small imperfections, rhinoplasty nose tip surgeries are the perfect solution.

Nose Reshaping Without Surgery

Nose job halle berry 150x150 Types of Nose ShapesFor those looking for a solution that doesn’t involve surgery at all, look no further than what’s being called 15 minute rhinoplasty. By using a dermal filler option such as BOTOX, a surgeon can contour the nose to fix imperfections without ever using a knife. Nose reshaping without surgery is becoming a popular solution for those looking for a quick way to drastically change their appearance and solve confidence issues from nasal imperfections. This non-surgical option is pain-free with most returning to normal activity right after their appointment.

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