Weight Loss Tip: 5 Foods You Need to Stop Eating


There are certain foods out there are just terrible for the waistline, that is even before considering the damage these foods do to your general health and well-being. If you follow our weight loss tip to avoid all 5 of these foods you are bound to drop a little weight!

1. Sugar! 

Cutting sugar out of the diet is a really big one when it comes to weight loss, so that is why we put it at the top of the list. The WHO (World Health Organization) just released a report saying that the average American should consume at least half of the amount of sugar! We love our sugary treats and drinks, but it is just bad for our overall health.

Unfortunately, sugar acts a lot like a drug, whenever we stop eating it we want more. A lot of people just opt to cut out as much sugar as possible in their diet as humanly possible, but admittedly this is very difficult. Instead of going to extremes you can just choose to skip dessert, candies or any other sweet indulgence that you may have on a regular basis.

2. Diet Foods 

There is no such thing as “diet food” that is good for you. The “low-fat” options just load up with chemicals, salts and unhealthy fillers that actually taste okay, but they aren’t something you want to eat a lot of. Plus, I don’t know about you, but when I hear “low-fat” or “diet” in front of a food, I’m tempted to go to town and eat twice as much as I usually do.

3.  Unhealthy Snacks

Snacking is actually really good for you as long as the snacks are something healthy likes fruits, veggies or nuts.  However, the unhealthy snacks you get in the center aisle of grocery stores like potato chips, cookies, pop corn and ice cream can really contribute to weight gain.

It also can be tempting to just skip cooking or eating healthier foods when you have these easy-to-make snacks around all of the time, so a pro weight lost tip is if at all possible, don’t keep junk food around the house

4. Creamy and Sugary Coffee Drinks

It’s coffee, how unhealthy can it be, right?! Well, black coffee does in fact have little or no calories, but when you add even just a little half and half and sugar you are adding hundreds of calories to your cup.

That is before even thinking about really sugary lattes, iced drinks and all that garbage. Just try to stick to plain coffee if you can or add as little of added stuff as possible to make the coffee drinkable for your tastes.

5. Mystery Smoothies 

Getting a smoothie out can be a bit of a gamble. I’ve been to small businesses that claimed to have all organic, fresh and natural ingredients then they would pour some mystery syrup into the smoothie. For businesses who are making smoothies, it is infinitely cheaper to use sugars, syrups, creams and milks to make smoothies tastes good rather than healthier veggies and fruits.

Most of the time I recommend just making smoothies at home to ensure you don’t end up having a bunch of extra random calories and ingredients in your diet.

Conclusion on this Weight Loss Tip

If you regularly eat one or all five of these foods, then it could be extremely difficult to revamp your entire diet to exclude all of these things. Instead of trying to change everything at once just make small changes at a time. Once you get to one change then you try another when you are ready.

Frequently, people give up on their weight loss goals just due to the fact they try to fix everything at once, but it is better to create a plan that you can stick to in the long run. 


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