Microsoft Windows 10 is the latest Microsoft OS on the market, which has almost knocked out the extremely hard-working Windows 7 from the chair of the most popular operating system. Two major variants – Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro (ignoring versions for organizations such as Education and Enterprise). As you might imagine, the two Pro versions have slightly more features, but otherwise the systems are almost identical and suitable for both home users and businesses. Unlike Windows 7 and 8.1, where the Home version has been pretty scarce about advanced features against Pro, this time around, “home” Windows doesn’t fall far from the professional tree. Windows 10 Home has enough features to suit every basic and slightly more advanced user, and the question is whether it will be sufficient for you.

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What You Get With Windows 10 Home

The basic version of Windows comes with quite a few extra chocolates over its predecessors. We have seen the return of Smart Menu with full version of Cortana Digital Assistant, Battery Saver, TPM support and the new Windows Hello biometric security feature. Home users will also be able to utilize the brand new Virtual Desktop and the distribution assistance of up to four windows on one screen. Alternatively, you can try Windows Continuum, one of the very handy features for touch screen laptops that makes it easy to switch between PC and tablet modes. The latest major innovation is Microsoft Edge, the successor to the previous Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. Of course, we should also mention the automatic updates for all versions of Windows 10, which periodically install all security and other patches and updates. Thus, Windows 10 Home is good for all users, and despite its designation, it can also be used easily by businesses, as the license is not restricted to home users only. If you want more protection for your computer or need more features for your work, then consider the more advanced version of the operating system – Pro.

What You Get With Windows 10 Pro

In addition to all the features mentioned above, Windows 10 Pro also comes with some sophisticated additional options. These are:

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop Access is available in all versions of Windows 10. This allows you to connect to any other Windows PC at any time from your Windows 10 Home computer or any other version of the Windows operating system, which must also support the “Protocol” Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). The problem is that Windows 10 Home does not support the required protocol and Windows 10 Pro does. This allows you to connect to the Windows 10 Pro operating system only through the Remote Desktop service. Remote desktop can be replaced by some applications (like Teamviewer) or the web, but latency may appear here. Namely, the Windows Remote Desktop application works locally for devices on the LAN.

Local Group Policy

A useful feature of Windows 10 Pro, which Windows 10 Home does not allow, is the ability to manage Group Policy. You may have never heard of the feature, but it provides easy access to a large number of important system settings and customizations. Although it can be bypassed in Home by manually editing the registry, this task will not be most home-based for most users. Therefore, Group Policy for most advanced users is a simpler and more convenient way to change system settings.


If you want to use the features of encrypting your hard drive through the Windows operating system, you also need to visit Windows 10 Pro. It includes a Bit locker application that provides hard disk encryption. Windows 10 Home users should instead go for external programs.

Other differences

The first picture shows a more detailed comparison between the features of the two versions of the operating system. Most of the remaining functionality is intended primarily for business and advanced users under special circumstances. Therefore, we have only mentioned features that we think will benefit a wider range of users.

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