Bathing a newborn after the maternity hospital for the first time, as well as other hygienic procedures by which new parents try to make the life of a small family member more comfortable, often causes a lot of questions and concerns. Even if this is the first child, and neither you nor your spouse has had experience in caring for younger siblings, you should not treat the development of new skills as work. Nature is wise and if you are not overly tense, then intuitively (you should not think that you don’t have intuition – in this case, rely on feelings of comfort) you will understand what, how and when to do, and what, on the contrary, needs to be avoided.

Parents, as a rule (especially young ones), are given a lot of advice. You can listen to them, but you must be aware that the living conditions that have passed between the education of several generations have changed dramatically. If 20 years ago the baby was given out of the maternity hospital wrapped in a flannel diaper, a quilted blanket and tied with a satin ribbon, now this “dress code” is most likely used only for retro-style photo shoots. So bathing a newborn baby no longer requires boiling water and bulky basins. With antiseptics and comfortable slides for swimming, the hygienic procedure becomes much simpler.

The first bath of the newborn

Modern families get rid of prejudice and prepare the necessary attributes in advance. You can select all the helpers in advance to determine the desired color, size and functionality. If you are wondering how to bathe a newborn baby correctly, then it’s time to equip the bathroom. First of all, decide whether you will use a large bathtub or prefer a small tank.

Small bath

If you will be more pleasant and calmer to use a small bath, then look for a convenient and practical. The range allows you to take into account all the wishes. There are tanks with rounded safety edges and back support. In addition, modern bathtubs are equipped with drain holes. If the mother bathes the baby alone, she will not have to lift weights. Convenient carrying handles allow you to move a voluminous object easily and comfortably. Many parents are worried whether they will be able to correctly and safely hold the baby. By choosing this option, you will be calm for yourself.

In the modern arsenal of multifunctional devices, there are changing tables with a bath. They are very compact when folded, it is very important if the room is small. The table is fixed at different levels of height and has two positions of the bath – lying and sitting. You can bathe a baby in it for up to a year, so this is a perfectly justified investment. After swimming on it, you can wipe the little one, put on a diaper or swaddle it.

Some mothers, and maybe even dads (sometimes in families it is the head of the family who takes responsibility for water procedures), bathing a newborn baby is more convenient in a regular bath. In this case, supports for children from 0 to 6 months will come to the aid of parents, who will not hamper the movement, but will provide a secure fixation of the body. Slides for swimming – a real find for parents seeking comfort and safety. The eco-friendly material from which they are made, and the silicone surface with antifungal and antibacterial effects, help you take care of safety and cleanliness. Many models are equipped with water level indicators and wall mounts.

We will supplement the list with an inflatable circle on the neck for bathing for the newborn and a support under the elbows for mom, so that it would be convenient to lean on the edge of the bathtub.

Bathing accessories

You can choose bath accessories – towels, napkins, bathrobes for every taste and color. Get textiles of high quality and made from natural materials. Corner towels are very convenient, which cover the hair of the baby’s head and allow you to wrap it comfortably after bathing. Most often, parents ask themselves how to bathe a newborn for the first time, although an equally important task is to select funds for caring for the baby after the procedure itself.

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